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Artificial intelligence for application management in public administration

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The town of Bergheim and the company Westphalia Datalab GmbH have set themselves a goal of making public-administration processes more efficient and more transparent. Their intelligent application management system should enable employees to estimate the volume of applications at an early stage, optimize work processes, and thus communicate realistic processing times to applicants.

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Why are you a strong team?

An exceptional strength of our team is the supposedly unusual link-up of a local authority and a tech start-up. In doing this, we combine deep knowledge of the domain of public administration with expertise in applying artificial intelligence. The way our fields of knowledge complement each other has a promising chance of creating fully new approaches with a strong orientation towards application.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

Our intelligent application management aims to give authorities a nuanced overview of the nature and quantity of applications received, letting them design their workflows to be efficient and employee-friendly. Administrative staff benefit from having a constant overview of their applications received. Spikes in workloads can be counteracted early on, whilst applicants can also be offered increased transparency about the likely processing time.

What makes your idea special?

Our idea is special because it is the only idea that starts from the perspective of public administration. We are seeking to use AI for internal administration purposes first and then subsequently show the benefits transparently for authority clients.

What are the next steps?

Together we will keep developing the project idea into a concept and submit an application for funding. Our goal is to develop the project idea as a prototype for the town of Bergheim’s local government and then provide it to other municipalities.

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