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Benefits Calculator

Poverty, despite being entitled to benefits, is often the case when people are not actually aware that they are entitled to benefits or because the process of applying for them is an obstacle. The Benefits Calculator, which is a project idea of the Mannheim branch of the German Red Cross e.V., the Mannheim Institute of Applied Management Research (MiM) and the company Mach’sEinfach GmbH (i.G.), is designed to eliminate such obstacles by assisting with the procurement of information and with the application process.

Why are you a strong team?

We are a strong team (start-up + welfare + academia) because we act out of conviction and bring along the know-how and skills needed. We realise our idea with heart, mind and drive, contributing lastingly to the fight against poverty in Germany and to people in need receiving the support they are entitled to.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

We are developing the 'Benefits Calculator' with a goal of fighting poverty in Germany in a lasting way and simplifying processes that do not need to be complicated in the first place. By offering the 'Benefits Calculator', we give people in Germany a digital information platform and a tool that makes applications for benefits incredibly simpler and much more efficient. Instead of application forms filled in by hand, we offer an easy-to-understand digital solution.

What makes your idea special?

We digitise processes and make them much easier and more efficient for everyone involved, including applicants as well as workers in social welfare. We help Germany digitally transform in this arena and fit itself out for the 21st century. Using artificial intelligence and a cleverly structured digital system, we contribute to reducing application error rates by up to 80% and help people apply for government help in their native language.

What are the next steps?

We are developing our 'Benefits Calculator' further and optimising it. At the moment we are working on optimising our concept based on user testing and, in parallel, developing a software prototype in the background. In addition, we are developing a data pool for the AI so that it can fill in applications independently based on free text input. The next step will be to prepare our campaign for launching the 'Benefits Calculator'. We are looking forward to it!

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