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From talented individuals to go-getters: AI-based 'Skill Compass' - Civic Innovation Platform

From talented individuals to go-getters: AI-based 'Skill Compass'

for young people with a migrant background

This project idea is all about supporting young people with a migrant background by making educational offerings available that are just right for them. The digital and AI-based 'Skill Compass' will therefore recommend tailored offerings and the right mentors to young people. In this way, Ulm University, the START-Stiftung foundation gGmbH and the start-up Kiron gGmbH want to help the currently four million young people in Germany with a migrant background exploit their full potential.

Why are you a strong team? 

START-Stiftung gGmbH offers unique expertise in supporting young talent of a migrant background. Kiron gGmbH  has many years’ experience in building and operating highly scalable, digital education platforms. Ulm University is an internationally recognised pioneer in designing user-centric AI systems. Together we can empower young people to use artificial intelligence to write their CV themselves.

Explain your idea in three sentences. 

'Skill Compass', a digital assistant based on AI, gives young people targeted, individual recommendations for educational offerings and mentors in order to harness civic engagement and societal potential. It is made possible by using modern human-in-the-loop technologies and explainable artificial intelligence. 'Skill Compass' will help realise the potential of the roughly 4 million young people in Germany who are of a migrant background.

What makes your idea special? 

While educational offerings can be scaled up through online learning platforms, individual advice has so far been unscalable. Using (explainable) AI offers the potential to guide a virtually unlimited number of young people through a range of offerings which is difficult for individual people to understand. 'Skill Compass' can be a lighthouse project for the responsible use of AI in (further) education, work, administration and commerce.

What are the next steps? 

We wish to keep growing as a team and together develop our idea into a funding-ready concept, so that our AI-based 'Skill Compass' can become a reality. 'Skill Compass' is planned to be developed with the active involvement of START scholarship holders and made available to this target audience as soon as possible. We are also prospectively planning to offer the service to a wider audience of young people with a migrant background.

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