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Intelligent digital assistant for prevention at work

Collecting and using data relating to a person’s well-being in order to be able to take preventative action – this is the aim of the idea developed by the association Institut für Digitale Assistenzsysteme e.V. and the non-profit company TheraOp.

Why are you a strong team? 

We have been collaborating on a similar topic for a while now, which quickly helped us find out how we can bring together our different competencies in an excellent way. We had a crucial advantage in that our collaboration started before the pandemic did. This is how we succeeded in seamlessly transitioning to our current, fully virtual collaboration. 

Explain your idea in three sentences. 

Artificial intelligence is used to realise an application that identifies personal health risks in a working environment and displays prevention strategies, based on data and full compliance with data protection. As a digital guide, this solution helps identify occupational disease risks which arise from a complex interaction of parameters. They include the commute to work, the job role, the working environment, individual inclinations, demographic characteristics and much more. 

What makes your idea special? 

The idea offers direct benefits for our society and the working population in particular. New job profiles and changes to job roles due to digital transformation relieve the burden on employees, but they also have other effects. Psychological impacts in particular have increased significantly in recent years and demand new technologies, such as applications based on artificial intelligence, to understand the cause-and-effect mechanisms. 

What are the next steps?

We will refine our idea and break it down into one or two specific use cases first. One of these use cases will focus on the field of computer-based workstations. The plan is to sketch out and, if necessary, prevalidate the AI model. Ultimately, this is intended to produce the content for a tangible project application, with a goal of developing the first application and bringing it to the testing stage.

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