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Mobile Assist

Workplace inclusion is often more challenging when there is manual work involved. With Mobile Assist, the company Sensrec Service UG and a computer science expert intend to afford vulnerable groups access to more complex work processes.

Why are you a strong team?

We know assistant systems and we know AI. For years we have been working on showing how employees can benefit from digital assistants in a working environment. As part of this, we have developed numerous assistant systems that are now used in many companies and workshops for people with disabilities. As experts for AI technologies in a working environment, we wish to contribute our expertise to the project.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

We make a digital assistant system that is not tied to any location, allowing use in logistics, manufacturing or production. An easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use tablet acts as a constant guide and adds value to the assistant system. Mobile assistants in a working environment offer the potential to create new jobs and give dignified work to the disabled.

What makes your idea special?

Digital assistant systems are a hot topic at the moment. However, they have so far mainly been tied to an individual workplace, which limits the options for assistant functions. Our assistant system goes mobile. Consequently, it can provide daily guidance for individual, day-to-day work. Workers receive support regardless of their workplace and, thanks to individual assistance, can also complete tasks that were previously impossible due to their complexity.

What are the next steps?

We are currently at the conception stage for the assistant system, with implementation and subsequent testing and optimisation to take place soon. Usability, easy set-up and interfaces are all important matters for us. We do not plan to stop at development, either. The first demonstrator is intended to be a foundation for a new type of AI-driven assistant in a working environment. Project partners, users and experts are welcome to take part in it.