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Smart|CSR - The intelligent management software to make companies more sustainable - Civic Innovation Platform


The intelligent management software to make companies more sustainable

Together with a technical and a data science/sales expert, an SME called EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH is taking a look at corporate social responsibility – small and medium-sized enterprises will be assisted with their transformation processes to increase sustainability. Using AI, companies are to be assisted with everything from selecting their relevant focus areas and identifying appropriate measures to the implementation and evaluation of those measures.

Why are you a strong team?

To implement Smart|CSR, we have on board energy consultants, corporate consultants, IT consultants, quality managers, product owners, entrepreneurs, CSR consultants, data scientists, software architects, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, Windows users, Mac users and Linux users. What’s more, all these roles are held by just three people.

While we will grow, we also already have a strong foundation.

Explain your idea in three sentences. 

Sustainability is THE crucial challenge for businesses, and we want to actively help them overcome this challenge using our Smart|CSR software solution. These days, companies must address many questions and transformation tasks when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Smart|CSR performs these tasks, replaces expensive consultant services with modern artificial intelligence and helps companies manage and successfully implement their sustainability visions over the long term.

What makes your idea special?

Smart|CSR does more than compare sustainability initiatives for better CSR between participants. It also always considers the latest research findings and forecasts. In doing this, Smart|CSR supports knowledge transfer between different companies while ensuring the future viability of initiatives. Smart|CSR replaces a significant amount of expensive consultant work and offers an effective solution for ongoing improvements to the economic, environmental and social impacts of an organisation.

What are the next steps?

Preparing and finishing the concept. Implementing and launching, without losing time!

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