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AI module for mobile robots to assist skilled workers at construction sites - Civic Innovation Platform

AI module for mobile robots to assist skilled workers at construction sites

With their idea, the start-up ConBotics and the TU Berlin want to transfer innovative technologies to the construction industry. Thanks to an AI module, mobile robots at the construction site would autonomously navigate their way around to guarantee safer human-robot cooperation and effectively support skilled workers, in particular alleviating some of the physically strenuous and monotonous activities. In addition, the data obtained is used to optimise processes in the construction industry and effectively counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

Why are you a strong team?

On the one hand, the start-up ConBotics has experience in the development of cutting-edge robot solutions and the expertise to implement technical innovations from applied research in a practical manner. On the other hand, Professor Henning Meyer, head of the Machinery System Design department at TU Berlin, also specialises in the practical development of construction machinery. Through this collaboration, AI is transferred from research to practice directly on the construction site.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

Although the construction industry in Germany is booming, a shortage of skilled workers and young talent is holding back growth. Through AI, mobile robots will be able to autonomously navigate their way around the ever-changing environment of the construction site. This will enable safe human-robot cooperation on construction sites and effectively support skilled workers.

What makes your idea special?

State-of-the-art robots can already deal with the unevenness of construction sites. However, the biggest challenges for their integration on such sites are their interaction with humans and the ever-changing surroundings. The AI module will help to overcome these. As a result, robots will be able to assume more complex tasks and even warn of potential hazards. This will optimise processes in construction companies and revive traditional professions.

What are the next steps?

At the moment, the AI module is being designed with the aim of developing a prototype that ConBotics will integrate into its own system. Research is currently being carried out to determine which sensors are suitable for this and how they could be combined. The YOLO algorithm is being tested in simulations to verify the concept. The selected components will then be connected and the prototype built and tested.