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AI Kit – learning how to use AI creatively and in a hands-on way - Civic Innovation Platform

AI Kit

Learning how to use AI creatively and in a hands-on way

Together with a creative developer, Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and the Berlin Tech Academy  GmbH are developing what they call an AI Kit with the aim of teaching AI skills early on as well as across all educational pathways. Sensors, control buttons and actuators will feature in educational projects and workshops to make AI technology tangible for young people at school or in training and to encourage them to look into AI.

Why are you a strong team? 

Our different understandings of the subject of AI are our strength. Tim works on machine learning projects as an interface designer and software developer. René, founder and managing director of MotionLab.Academy GmbH, focuses on digital manufacturing and product development and sees to it that new technologies are integrated in training and education. Alex focuses on societal aspects of AI and develops the didactic and pedagogical concept for the AI Kit.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

We wish to empower people to use AI technology even when they do not have programming skills. Our project centres around the development of hardware and software that makes it easy and quick to create a machine learning model and integrate it into personal projects. In our workshops, young people training for jobs join trade and industrial professionals to realise their own ideas and find new fields for applying artificial intelligence.

What makes your idea special?

Our idea is special because it closely integrates the technical possibilities of AI with an educational concept. The AI Kit enables a hands-on experience. Users can train an AI model at the press of a button and trigger actions in the real world. They quickly discover the benefits and possibilities of deep learning. They also see what the limits are and where AI is not so intelligent yet. Our educational concept raises awareness about ethical and human aspects while teaching technical skills.

What are the next steps?

We are currently preparing the first workshop with our tool. We have created a teaching concept and are enhancing it in close coordination with our workshop hosts and AI research experts. We are also networking with education centres and businesses. Our main target audience is young people who are training for jobs or seeking career guidance. Using the AI Kit, we wish to show that AI is also something that is creative and hands-on.

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