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Social Knowledge Hub

Regional digital transformation and connectivity

Making digital participation possible in rural areas – this is the aim of the companies GETrequest GmbH, Venus.Werbeagentur GmbH and gwt Starnberg GmbH and the district of Regen. Digital information about social services is often still provided in isolation. Using AI, the available services on offer are planned to become interconnected and optimally aligned, establishing a comprehensive information network for subjects such as childcare or education and integration projects.

Why are you a strong team?

As a team with four members from different fields, we are very broad-based and combine experience with innovation and conceptual strength with practical skill.

We are open to additional partnerships and input.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

Our goal is to take the services in rural regions previously offered in a fragmented way and merge them into a Social Knowledge Hub. An AI research tool will help the hub’s content editors. The plan is to create an open-data pool in the form of a graph-based data cloud, which as many service providers as possible contribute to and which can serve numerous publication channels. Another conceivable channel would be an AI-based chatbot which helps the end user search for information.

What makes your idea special?

AI, open data, cloud computing and open source are still theoretical concepts for municipalities currently. With our project, we bring all these aspects of digital transformation to government offices and authorities and solve a large number of problems.

What are the next steps?

After deciding on a graph-based data model that uses schema.org as a foundation, we wish to create a technical concept for the implementation. In parallel, the requirements for using AI as a ‘data collection tool’ will be defined for content editors at municipalities. Furthermore, a decision must be made about what kind of interface the AI presents to users, e.g. a chatbot – that is, language-based – or enriched visually in the form of a knowledge graph.

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