Mission - Civic Innovation Platform

What we have planned

The Civic Innovation Platform is a project initiated by the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society, a subdivision of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). It is based on the German Federal Government’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, in which it undertakes among other things to develop and deploy AI “responsibly and for the benefit of the common good” and to embed it “in society on an ethical, legal, cultural and institutional basis within the framework of a broad social dialogue and active policymaking [...]”. Thus, the project is striving for broad-based acceptance in society and design of technology for the benefit of the common good.

One person presenting an idea, another sitting next to him/her in a wheelchair and expressing thoughts.

Mission statement: four principles underlying the Civic Innovation Platform (CIP)

We want to create a framework in which collaborative and discrimination-free design and deployment of technology is enabled. The Civic Innovation Platform model project is targeted at the participation-oriented, socially minded technology design of artificial intelligence and is testing various tools for supporting participatory and collaborative social innovation processes.

People brainstorming

The project: about the Civic Innovation Platform (CIP)

The Civic Innovation Platform (CIP) would like to contribute to networking people from different areas (business, science, administration, civil society) to harness artificial intelligence's potential for developing new solutions that will address both challenges facing society as well as societal needs.

People lifting a screen.

The platform: working together to create AI

In a nutshell, what the Civic Innovation Platform is primarily all about is this: turning good ideas into reality. To this end, it may be necessary for barriers to be overcome and for new forms of collaboration to be tested. The platform offers a space for working together collaboratively.