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Turning ideas into reality - Civic Innovation Platform

Turning ideas into reality

Within the framework of project funding, we also support AI innovations for the common good in the longer term.

What it’s about

  • The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is also providing longer-term funding to support the joint and creative implementation of AI-based projects that benefit the common good.
  • The funding guideline will be published on the platform and in the Federal Gazette.
  • Collaborative projects for the development of AI applications that benefit the common good in the world of work and society are eligible for funding.
  • Funding is available for projects that improve:
    • The world of work
    • Work culture
    • Work organisation
    • Health and safety at work
    • The transparency and comprehensibility of AI applications
    • Social partnerships and co-determination
    • The labour market
    • New forms of employment (e.g. in the platform economy)
    • Securing the supply of skilled labour
    • Further training
    • Inclusion
    • Rehabilitation
    • Equal opportunities
    • Participation

Funding aim

The project funding supplements the idea contest, but is also available for joint projects that have not previously participated in the contest. The aim of the project funding is to promote the joint and creative implementation of AI-based projects on a more diverse and long-term basis via a comprehensive support programme.