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Exploring AI together

Artificial intelligence is part of our everyday lives. And it’s not always just about algorithms and data, but above all the possible applications of AI, for instance, in matters of inclusion, digital management or the arts. Find out how AI can be used innovatively and who benefits from it here.

Bot or Not: Can AI applications write poetry?

Can AI make art? The ‘Bot or Not?’ poetry slam by Pauline Füg gave both viewers and Minister Heil the chance to decide what they thought was more convincing – poetry written by a human or poetry created with the help of  AI.


Wheelmap displays accessible places and obstacles. The non-profit data project makes everyday life easier for wheelchair users. SOZIALHELDEN (Social Heroes), the organisation running it, is also seeking to generate political impetus.

CityLAB Berlin

CityLAB Berlin is driving forward digital innovation in the Berlin state administration. This technology not only benefits the city’s 3.8 million inhabitants – it also helps 625,000 thirsty trees throughout the city.


Artificial intelligence concerns us all. With its diverse duties, local government in particular can benefit from AI. It is with this in mind that local government experts have launched Co:Lab and the #KOKI initiative.

The district town of Bergheim

The town of Bergheim is resolutely taking the initiative when it comes to digitalisation: AI-based applications are to be used to improve administrative processes for residents and to facilitate structural change in the region.