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Drei Personen arbeiten an einer Pinnwand an ihrer Idee. Zwei weitere Personen stehen an einem Tisch und reden.
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Idea contest round three – the next steps

Project teams could submit their ideas on AI providing benefits for the common good by 13 February, 2023. In this third round of the competition, we once again received particularly creative and innovative sketches of ideas. Thank you for your great interest. We look forward to learning more about the most promising ideas at the digital pitch!

What happens next?

First the BMAS and panel of experts will review and evaluate all the project ideas. The project teams with the most promising ideas will be invited to a digital pitch on 18 April, 2023, where the teams will have the opportunity to present their project ideas in a self-created video and then answer the questions posed by the panel of experts. No more than four people per project team can participate virtually in the pitch. But there should be at least one member of the project team participating. It’s important for the teams to explain their ideas to the panel of experts, which is why no other forms of presentation (e.g., written form) are permitted. Selected project teams will receive the invitation to the pitch by email in advance – including in-depth information and the prerequisites for participation.

The process

Each project team will have a time slot of approximately 12 minutes for the pitch:

  • Each pitch will begin with a video produced by the project team (max. 2 minutes and 30 seconds) which presents the idea and must be submitted in advance.
  • A brief introduction round (name, position, contribution, motivation) of the individual team members will follow. Then the Q&A with the experts will begin, based on the submitted documents and the video played. The Q&A will therefore immediately follow the video and the introduction round; additional presentations will not be permitted.
  • After the 12-minute period, the project team will leave the virtual room.

The video

The purpose of the video is to present the idea. Whether a single team member or the entire team introduces the idea is entirely up to the project team. However, the video must answer the following questions:

  • What do we want to do? (Brief description of the idea)
  • Why do we want to do it? (What problem/issue do we want to resolve in this way?)
  • How do we want to do it? (How does our idea work?)
  • What makes it so special? (Innovative application/transfer, etc.)

The video must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Video duration: max. 2 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Landscape format.
  • A smartphone recording is absolutely sufficient.
  • 500 MB

Accessibility is important to us!

For the sake of accessibility, please do not incorporate any charts, graphics, images, animations or the like that are not also described and explained in detail in speech. Describing the idea with words is more than sufficient. Also for this reason, please ensure good sound quality.

After the pitch, a decision will be made about which ideas to recognise during the award ceremony in The Beginning of June 2023, based on the evaluations of the panel of experts. The project teams responsible for the award-winning ideas will receive financial support of up to €20,000 as well as further assistance through workshop and networking events.

Not yet part of the community?

A further competition round is planned for 2024. More details will be published on our website soon. We always welcome new participants and project ideas! Do you already have an idea and are you looking for teammates? Or is your team looking for inspiration? Join our community, exchange information, be inspired by our ideas market and jointly develop your ideas for AI providing benefits for the common good!

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