What we provide funding for - Civic Innovation Platform

What we provide funding for

The Civic Innovation Platform (CIP) is targeted at the participation-oriented, socially minded technology design of artificial intelligence (AI). We are using two different tools to achieve this: with an idea contest the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is promoting and rewarding conceptual work on ideas for the human-centric use of AI that benefits the common good. In addition, through project funding the Ministry is facilitating the collaborative and creative deployment of AI-based projects that benefit the common good.

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Idea contest

The first step of a successful project is a good idea. With our idea contest, we are supporting the proof of concept for a winning idea by awarding 20,000 euros in funding. The focus is on networking and collaboration among project partners. The process is to culminate in a finished plan for implementing the idea.

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Project funding (preview)

Funding of up to 250,000 euros is available for cross-sector collaborative projects (e.g. between a start-up and a local municipality) that pursue an approach offering clear benefits for the common good. The aim is to turn good ideas into practical social innovation. Further details will follow.

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Learning from others

Digital technology takes many guises. These examples show innovations that leverage artificial intelligence to promote greater inclusion, ensure active protection of our natural environment and improve the way in which government authorities work.

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Ideas market

AI is a demanding technology that calls for a wide variety of knowledge and experience. The ideas market makes it possible to find suitable partners for developing and implementing an idea. Once two or more project partners have come together, you can work jointly on a project draft. We will support you by extending a helping hand and providing you with materials. Perhaps you’d like to initially discuss your idea or individual issues with like-minded people on an informal basis.

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Winning ideas, Round 1

25 ideas were selected in the first round of the idea contest. Here is an overview of all the winning ideas, grouped under the headings of ‘Work and participation’, ‘Inclusion and diversity’, ‘Administration and democracy’ and ‘Knowledge and learning’. Prepare to be inspired!