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Registering pays off

The Civic Innovation Platform provides a space for interdisciplinary networking. At its core, it is a marketplace of ideas enabling you to find other people interested in working with you on an idea. The public area enables a first peak in through the keyhole. The community area contains the full range of information and networking options.

Presenting yourself

Who are you? What aspects of AI technologies are of interest to you, your organisation, administration or company? What prior experience do you have? What expertise and special skills can you contribute? Use the growing network to present yourself and to reach out to other registered users.

Finding other interested people

You can include in your personal profile as many project ideas as you like: preliminary rough ideas as well as specific proposals for which you are looking for partners to help you implement them. When you’re ready to share your idea, click the “Publish” button. The title of your project idea and what you would like to tell the world about it in 280 characters will now be on display in the public part of the ideas market; a more detailed description can only be viewed by registered users in the community area.

Interested users can now reach out to you or you can actively search for project partners yourself. Contact other registered users from initiatives, organisations, start-ups, the research community or the public sector and invite them to take a look at your project idea, work on it jointly or start something completely new.

Participating in the idea contest

Once you have come to an agreement in your group of two, three, or four and have formulated the idea in sufficient detail to turn it into a well-thought-out and intriguing concept, the next step is to submit a proposal for the “AI is what we make it!” idea contest by email using the form provided for this purpose. Twice a year, the ideas received will be reviewed by the Policy Lab of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and experts from various areas; the submitters of the most promising ideas will be invited to personally present their proposals in an elevator pitch. Up to 15 of the best project ideas among the submissions in each round will be awarded with prize money of 20,000 euros. The prize money is to be used to continue working on the project idea and to enable preliminary steps to be made towards implementing it. In addition to the prize money, the winners will receive non-financial support in the form of networking and consulting workshops.

Where do things go from there?

Starting in 2021, it will also be possible to submit applications for project funding via the platform. In this way, funding of up to 250,000 euros will be available for projects.

Feedback please

This platform is a work in progress. For example, we are working on further functions to improve cooperation and collaboration. What do you need? Send us your ideas, suggestions or tips by writing to:

Data protection is important for us

The Civic Innovation Platform is a non-commercial entity solely serving the purposes for which it has been established. Needless to say, you can delete your profile and all related data at any time. Please read the comprehensive information on data protection on this site and check the terms of use for the community.

Do you have a good idea on how AI can be deployed meaningfully for the benefit of the common good?

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