The Policy Lab of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - Civic Innovation Platform

The Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society

at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

The Policy Lab is the central contact within the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for researchers, practitioners, and social partners regarding all questions relating to the digital transformation. To the website of the Policy Lab

Think tank and future lab

The Policy Lab at BMAS is for German federal ministries a new type of organisational unit working on an interdisciplinary and agile basis.

It combines the functions and working methods of a conventional think thank with those of a modern future lab. The purpose of the Policy Lab is to identify early on new areas of activity which are emerging for BMAS as a result of digitalisation in interaction with other trends − such as globalisation, demographic change, or changes in social values − and to develop new approaches to solutions for the working world of the future.

In this regard, the Policy Lab aims to

  • systematically and resolutely approach the digital transformation from the point of view of people and their social and societal relations,
  • develop possible future scenarios within a forward-looking strategic framework, and
  • formulate scope for shaping policymaking on the basis of intercommunicating closely with stakeholders.

We are promoting AI-based socio-digital innovation

Within BMAS, the Policy Lab is, among other things, responsible for the Federal Government’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, which is being jointly overseen by BMAS, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In this context, BMAS has initiated a range of AI projects, including