Co-operation partners - Civic Innovation Platform

Our cooperation partners

The Civic Innovation Platform seeks to bring together different actors and communities and to create a good framework for cooperation and collaboration. That is why we are so pleased to be able to work with our cooperation partners, who support these goals, contribute their expertise and involve themselves in workshops and as experts in the ideas competition. Thank you for your support!

Prototype Fund

Marie Gutbub

„Funding for AI technology must aim to additionally promote developments with added social value in particular. Public funding for open-source software for the benefit of the common good of the type operated by the Prototype Fund renders civil society visible as a driver of innovation and an important partner. As well as this, the Civic Innovation Platform now makes it possible to match good ideas, skills and various teams. This is of particular importance for effective and sustainable digitalisation that benefits everyone.“

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO

Dr Matthias Peissner, Director at the Institute, Head of Human-Technology Interaction Research Unit

„The technologies of artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, harbour potential for radical change in nearly all parts of the economy and our lives. Ultimately, however, it always boils down to the question as to what contribution a technological innovation can make towards a better world. And AI can indeed make such a contribution in areas such as health, the environment, mobility and inclusion. This new platform marks a major step in specifically promoting AI solutions for the common good and giving them the necessary visibility.“

Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.

Katrin Elsemann, Managing Director

„Our society is facing major upheavals. Climate change, demographic trends, urbanisation, the digitalisation of the working world and integration are just a few of these. To address these major challenges, we must leverage technological change effectively, particularly through the use of artificial intelligence, in the interests of greater sustainability and channel it in a way that benefits the common good. So that we can live in a society in which all people benefit from progress. This is what social entrepreneurship stands for.“

German Trade Union Confederation (DGB)

Oliver Suchy, Head of Digital Working Worlds and Working-World Reporting

„We hope that the Civic Innovation Platform will unleash new momentum making AI an even more fertile basis for good work and social inclusion. AI is not an end in itself. Accordingly, it’s not a question of 'doing AI together'. Rather, the innovation consists of developing AI solutions that address collective needs. Matching these requirements will help to us to jointly use AI for social progress.“

Kommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle für Verwaltungsmanagement (KGSt)

Anika Krellmann, Organisation and Information Management Officer at KGSt

"Without people, AI is nothing more than a technology. We need innovations to improve living, working and general conditions in municipalities. And this can particularly be achieved when people with different perspectives and organisations with different skills come together. This is precisely what the Civic Innovation Platform encourages. It also offers municipalities the opportunity of realising ideas from and with their own networks. That’s why we at KGSt are supporting this project.“

German AI Association

Daniel Abbou, Managing Director

KI Bundesverband (the German AI Association) is very pleased to be involved in the Civic Innovation Platform as a partner. Artificial intelligence can unleash positive effects in many areas of society. Many young entrepreneurs active in AI are keen to implement more projects devoted to sustainability and social progress. KI Bundesverband aims to further these efforts together with the Civic Innovation Platform partners. We are looking forward to working with them.“

Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband e.V. (DBSV)

Andreas Bethke, Managing Director

"Digitalisation and artificial intelligence can take us a step forward on our path towards an inclusive society, provided that they are systematically designed and implemented on a barrier-free basis. I can think of many innovations that can particularly assist people with disabilities. The Civic Information Platform is a promising instrument for achieving this goal. The German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted is therefore pleased to support this initiative as a partner.“

Image: © DBSV/Ziebe

Federal Association of Non-statutory Welfare (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege, BAGFW)

Dr Gerhard Timm, Managing Director

„AI technologies will change our world profoundly over the coming years and decades. On the one hand, there are very alarming scenarios of a totalitarian state and a completely unchecked profit-oriented economy that uses AI to cement old relationships rooted in power and exploitation for the future. On the other hand, however, there are also scenarios in which these technologies are harnessed to advance humanist values and progress towards greater participation, justice and freedom. The Civic Innovation Platform is clearly a good step in the latter direction. That’s why we’re involved in it.“

Image: © BAGFW/Dirk Hasskarl

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.

Alexandra Ortloff, Politics Team Leader

AI is one of the key technologies of the future and is already playing an important role for start-ups today. As we see it, it is of crucial importance for this technology to be used for business models geared to the common good. This is because it is precisely here that this key technology can unleash its potential for the benefit of all society. For this reason, Bundesverband Deutsche Startups wholeheartedly supports the Civic Innovation Platform, which is committed to this very goal.“