2024 funding round - Civic Innovation Platform

2024 Funding Round

Our funding programme Civic Innovation – Funding of AI Projects for the Common Good is dedicated to helping develop and use practical AI that benefits the common good, thus creating concrete solutions for the challenges associated with social coexistence and the world of work.

With the funding guidelines, we are pursuing the objective of encouraging and supporting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work in AI projects which are dedicated to charitable causes and the common good and focus on labour and social policies. Nine projects succeeded in impressing us in the two-stage selection process to receive funding of up to €500,000 up to the end of 2024. You will find an overview of all the projects approved in the 2024 funding round here. The projects cover the various areas of action of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and range from the simplification of administration, improvements in work organisation, accessibility and participation in society and the labour market to occupational health and safety, career guidance and securing skilled labour.

Illustration of plain language texts at the touch of a button

Automated, AI-based illustration of texts in plain language for the more efficient creation of accessible content.

BOTschafft Inklusion

AI-based inclusive and accessible chatbot to assist caregiving family members with integration into and participation in the labour market.


Citizen-friendly AI system for assistance with filling in documents and application forms in public administration.

Interactive Career Atlas

AI-based exploration tool for precise HR and career advice as the basis for informed career decisions.


AI-assisted app for managers and employees to realise a variety of work health measures.


AI-assisted web application to facilitate access to information about bureaucratic procedures and migration and labour rules.

Social Knowledge Graph

Easy access to public data via an AI-based infrastructure for accessible information.


Access to the IT industry for under-represented groups with the aid of virtual AI characters for the target group-oriented and up-to-date design of career guidance courses.