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With Toni on Tour

Inclusive cultural youth education based on AI-assisted image recognition

The aim of the 'Toni on Tour' project idea is to enable people with various educational backgrounds and mobility needs to participate in society’s cultural values. Using the city of Leipzig as an example, the association Leipziger Notenspur and the company Media Seasons GbR Kleinke & Burkersroda wish to make the history of music tangible. To this end, AI-assisted image recognition is to be developed for integration into an app used to teach children and young people.

Why are you a strong team?

Our team combines competence in two fields that are very important for our project. Firstly, competence in cultural education, social participation and focusing on target audiences (Leipziger Notenspur e.V.). Secondly, in technical implementation, especially with AI (MediaSeasons GbR). The major enthusiasm that each of our cooperation partners has for the other creates an inspiring space where everyone can play to their strengths and contribute to the specific project idea.

Explain your idea in three sentences. 

With Toni on Tour, we create a digital service for participation which allows cultural inclusion for various target audiences in Leipzig. Using AI-based image recognition, people and buildings from Leipzig’s musical history are brought to life for visitors on the Kleine Leipziger Notenspur (Little Leipzig Music Trail). We can use this application to appeal to families and school classes from Leipzig and surrounds as well as tourists in the city, thanks to the possibilities that AI creates.

What makes your idea special? 

We incorporate the urban space while also addressing the structurally changing mining region around Leipzig. The Notenspur is a European Heritage Label site, so we see Toni on Tour as an important project to identify with and that has a presence beyond regional boundaries. Using AI on mobile devices to recognise the stainless-steel inlays on the Notenspur is a pioneering development that unlocks added potential by linking with futuristic technologies such as augmented/virtual reality.

What are the next steps? 

By being distinguished as part of the Civic Innovation Platform idea contest, we can now prepare the subsequent application. We cooperation partners are working together closely to add specifications to our ideas, develop a detailed concept and plan financial outlays. We believe it is important to have a sharp focus on target audiences and, for example, examine our options in relation to accessibility. Furthermore, we will also evaluate the use of AI for generating musical content.

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