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Inclusive AI learning assistent - Civic Innovation Platform

Inclusive AI learning assistent

Raising people’s awareness of inclusion on a daily basis is the premise of the idea of Decentrale GbR and BIRNE7 e.V. An AI learning assistant is integrated into digital platforms to select and recommend tailored learning content. The system automatically offers learning content in response to what a person has just seen or read, in order to, for example, raise awareness if certain content is not easily accessible.

Why are you a strong team?

We really enjoy our idea. And we have all of the skills required to implement it. BIRNE7 has experience in accessibility design and technical implementation as well as decentralised experience in non-formal adult education and feminist education work. This combination of expertise and social start-up flair (none of the organisations are older than four years) is what distinguishes us.

Explain your idea in three sentences.

We want to develop an AI learning assistant that is integrated in digital platforms and is capable of selecting and recommending learning content based on a feminist educational ideal – with the aim of raising awareness of inclusion in everyday life (like Grammarly for inclusive language).

What makes your idea special?

We are particularly excited about embarking on paths that have never been taken before. In terms of society as a whole, we see the potential of inclusive AI to lie in its ability to put people at the centre and thus nurture more social cohesion. By combining accessibility and content with enlightening values, we break new ground in the ethical use of AI.

What are the next steps?

We have a demanding work schedule. This starts with an initial meeting with all project members. Here, we will develop scenarios and user stories for AI, define the target group for the application of the AI and use this to define the values upon which the AI is to work. We will then focus on the technical development and design of learning content for prototype learning paths.

Finally, we will evaluate the results and flesh out the project drafts to decide whether to pursue the approach further.