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Winning ideas - Civic Innovation Platform

Winning Ideas

The idea contest "AI is what we make it!" offers the opportunity to develop initial ideas for the common good-oriented use of AI applications into concepts. Here you can find information on the individual rounds of the contest, the associated events and, above all, the awarded ideas.

Round 2

Winning Ideas Round 2

Twelve ideas were recognised in the second round of the idea contest "AI is what we make it" of the Civic Innovation Platform. Here is an overview of the winning ideas, categorized into the clusters ‘Participating with AI’, ‘Further training with AI’, ‘Working with AI’ and ‘Thinking ahead with AI’. Prepare to be inspired!

Round 1

Winning Ideas Round 1

25 ideas were selected in the first round of the idea contest. Here is an overview of all the winning ideas, grouped under the headings of ‘Work and Participation’, ‘Inclusion and Diversity’, ‘Administration and Democracy’ and ‘Knowledge and Learning’. Prepare to be inspired!

The first award ceremony

On 10 March 2021, Federal Minister Hubertus Heil honoured the 25 most impressive ideas at the virtual award ceremony for the first round of the ‘AI is what we make it’ idea contest. The innovativeness and diversity of the ideas made an impression in particular, as did the teams’ aspiration of considering society’s needs at all times.

The first pitch of the idea contest

The Civic Innovation Platform (CIP) is moving closer to its goal of getting AI applications to contribute to societal and social progress with the ‘AI is what we make it’ idea contest. In the virtual pitch on 11 and 12 February, 36 teams had the opportunity to explain how their ideas could improve the lives and work of many people.