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The idea contest is entering the second round

The next round of the ‘AI is what we make it!’ idea contest has started! Are you already a member of the CIP Community and have more than one idea for how AI technology can be used to provide benefits for social and societal advancement? Or perhaps you are still looking for a suitable team member to help flesh out the details of your idea? Then join our community: register here and find the partners your idea still needs before it can be implemented.

From August, project drafts for AI providing benefits for the common good can be submitted directly via the platform. Take part and win a financial award of up to 20,000 euros! The most promising ideas will be chosen from all of the submitted project drafts and the teams which submitted them will be offered both financial and conceptual support by the Policy Lab Digital, Work & Society to develop their ideas further into a mature concept.

We are excited to see your vision of how artificial intelligence can be used to provide benefits for the common good.