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Idea contest – now we want your ideas!

The submission phase for the second round of the ‘AI is what we make it!’ idea contest is starting right now. You can submit your project ideas directly via our platform until 15 September 2021 07 October 2021 (extension of deadline). The most promising ideas will be chosen from all of the submitted project drafts and the teams which submitted them will be invited to pitch their idea. In the end a panel of experts will decide on the winning ideas. Your idea could receive a financial award of up to 20,000 euros! Here’s everything your team needs to do to submit your idea:

  • Register and create a profile
  • Post your project idea and network with team partners
  • Develop your project idea further and submit it for the competition

Important: your project idea must focus on AI providing benefits for the common good, with a clear connection to the fields of activity of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Your team must also be interdisciplinary and/or cross different sectors. What we mean by this and all other information about requirements for participation and submitting your idea can be found in our FAQs . Any more questions? Additional useful information can be found after registration in the closed Community area or you can simply call our CIP hotline from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday on: +49 (0)800 808 11 20.

Looking for like-minded partners to flesh out the details of your idea and promote it together? You can register for our Community for this purpose as well: find the partners here that your idea still needs before it is ready for submission. You can also seek inspiration here: winning ideas from round one.

Already have everything you need? Then nothing stands between you and your submission! We are excited to see your vision of AI providing benefits for the common good and look forward to receiving many fascinating and innovative ideas.

Take part now!